The ultimate Golfer's Tune-Up to make sure you're ready for the season!

  • Personalized stretching program based off your Golf Flexibility Handicap!
  • Spinal Manipulation to relax muscles and improve power!
  • Top 3 Strength Exercises for longer distance off the tee!

Personalized Stretching Program

Get personalized stretches and flexibility drills from Dr. Brady (Titleist Performance Institute Certified) that are based off your flexibility restrictions and Golf Flexibility Handicap!

Spinal Manipulation

Quick stretches of the spine decrease muscle tone/spasms, improve mobility, and can even help produce more power in your swing!

Top 3 Strength Exercises to get longer distance off the tee!

The more strength you have, the further the ball will's that simple!

The PERFECT way to start the season!

Our Golfer's Tune-Up (30-minute session) will give you the tools necessary to improve flexibility and strength to lower your scores, hit the ball further, and decrease your risk of getting injured!

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$90 Just $67