We are currently OPEN and following all COVID-19 procedures!

We are currently OPEN and following all COVID-19 procedures!

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Runner or Triathlete

FLASH helps active individuals of all ages move quickly towards their goals!

It's time for YOU to finally realize your TRUE POTENTIAL!

Injury Recovery

Aches and pains? Or currently injured? No matter your activity or sport, here's why you need to call the Sports Physical Therapists of FLASH Momentum FIRST! (Before your family doctor or anyone else!):

  • Muscle or tendon? Bone or joint? Are there any significant tears? We can answer these questions for you and MORE without having to get an MRI or other expensive tests.
  • IMMEDIATE hands-on treatment, dry needling (video here!), and the right exercises for you vs. being prescribed medications and told to rest indefinitely.
  • We develop a personalized plan specifically designed to help you get back in the game or race in a FLASH!
  • And most importantly, we'll save you TIME, MONEY, & FRUSTRATION with our unique model of 1-on-1 care!

Sports Training & Coaching

Unsure if you're training the best you can for your activity or sport? From our "Olympian- & Physical Therapist-Approved" running training plans to our strength and conditioning programs and video analysis for both individuals and teams, we have you covered! And if you're looking for guidance, hop on the phone or meet with one of our coaches to find out what you need to do to achieve your next goal!

"My son was stronger, faster, and more flexible, and with FLASH's video analysis, we could easily see that his body mechanics, especially when running at top speed, were much improved!"

- Jennifer Zucchero, West Chester, PA

Injury Prevention

Feeling tight and worried an injury is lurking around the corner? Or have you been injured in the past and are now determined to stay healthy? We help you keep going with our sports massages! Not only will you benefit from the BEST sports massage in the world, but you'll also learn an exercise or two that'll help you stay loose until your next session!


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We are 100% focused on helping you achieve your goals. Whether you're training for your first marathon or want to have your best sports season ever, we are here to make sure you're not only ready to succeed, but also experience maximum enjoyment on the journey.

Your team at FLASH has vast experience in the worlds of running, tennis, golf, baseball, and a myriad of other sports, and it is the combination of all these different backgrounds and areas of expertise that has allowed us to help THOUSANDS of individuals since our founding in 2012 by Dr. J. Ryan Bair.

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