“Dr. Bair is my 1st call for aches/pains. I'm a runner and I've completed a few marathons in the past couple of years. During training I'll get that ache or pain that needs looked at. He's diagnosed the trouble, set me up with a plan to feel better, and kept me running. I've had some good races lately, and FLASH Momentum is part of my success.”

- Jill Holsclaw, Malvern, PA

“After a long day of back-to-back tennis practices, my shoulder felt sore but I hoped it was just from overuse. The next morning I couldn't lift my arm without extreme shoulder pain. I panicked through breakfast and then remembered what my one tennis friend had told me about FLASH Momentum. I was able to see Dr. Bair the next day for an injury evaluation AND first hands-on treatment. I felt improvement (more motion, less pain) after the first session and was able to play in a match the next day (and win!).”

- Sue Walters, Radley Run Country Club

“Two days after running a PR in a 5K race, I injured my left hamstring during a track workout. With only 10 days until my next planned race, a 10K, I went to Ryan. In 10 days time, thanks to his hands-on treatment, exercise program, and running plan, I was able to race the 10K and finish with a significant PR while setting myself up to continue racing into the fall months. It’s nice to be able to rely on a team who understands the desire to get back to running quickly while at the same time managing my expectations in the event recovery took longer than expected.”

- Jim Maio, West Chester, PA

“With Dr. Bair's help, my son was stronger, faster, and more flexible, and with Dartfish, we could easily see that his body mechanics, especially when running at top speed, were much improved!”

- Jennifer Zucchero, West Chester, PA

“FLASH took me from barely being able to walk with a backpack to being able to grab a basketball rim (which I couldn't do before)! Dr. Bair gives you clear and detailed information and attentive, hands-on help to get you back to playing your sport.  

He just provides so much knowledge and help on recovery and injury prevention, and even when I'm away at college he'll stay in contact to help me with anything I might need, helping build workout plans or look at form. FLASH goes above and beyond what I expected out of physical therapy!”

- Colin McCloskey, Wayne, PA

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